Autumn Racing

Initially, for the dinghies the Autumn Series will continue with Tuesday evening racing from the 1st and 8th September and transfer to Saturday mornings on the 12th September to 17th October.  

Similarly, for the yachts the Autumn Series will continue with Thursday evening racing from the 27th August to 10th September and then transfer to Sunday mornings from 13th September to 18th October.

In line with the RYA’s latest guidance, ‘RYA guidance on sailing and racing with participants from different households during the Covid-19 in England’, as previously issued, it will be the skipper’s decision whether to use a yachts spinnaker during this series, bearing in mind the possible reduced number of crew and mitigating measures necessary when ‘Social Distancing’ is reduced to less than 2 metres. It is also the responsibility of the skipper to inform their crew of the latest RYA guidance and discuss the actions necessary to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, whilst afloat, ashore and transferring from one to the other.

The Covid 19 advice as previously issued by this sailing club still applies.

Series Dates                            Yachts                                                            Dinghies

Summer Series                        9th July – 20th August                         14th July – 25rd August

Autumn Series week day       27th August – 10th September          1st September – 8th September

Autumn Series week end      13th September – 18th October         12th September – 17th October

The sailing club will also be hosting the J24 Autumn Cup during the weekend 3rd and 4th October 2020, where the racing will take place in Plymouth Sound with spinnakers being permitted but with a crew limit capped at 4 (including helm).

In the meantime please respect the guidance and regulations currently in place and be Considerate and Conservative in your actions whilst at the club and sailing to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus.