Tuesday Night Dinghy Racing
Sponsored by Dinghy Shack

The Sailing Instructions for the Summer Series for Dinghies which makes a start on Tuesday 14th July and is free to enter. Entry is on-line using the club web site and clicking on the ‘Thursday evening dinghy racing’ link. Once entered you will receive an email acknowledgement including a link and request to join the ‘Whatapp’ group for ‘Saltash Dinghy Racing’ which will be used for the ‘Track and trace’ system as well as your intention to sail each race with boat and crew details.

During the continuing times of the Covid 19 pandemic you are asked to respect the guidance issued by the government, Dept of DCMS and the RYA;

To be more considerate and conservative in your actions and dealings with club members and the wider public, protect yourself and others by limiting any group ashore to nomore than 6 persons whilst maintaining social distancing at 2m.  It that is not possible a distance of at least 1m plus mitigation measures; such as wearing a face mask or covering, avoid being face to face with people outside of your household or support buble, should be observed. Of-course regularly washing your hands or use sanitiser.

As a reminder please take note of the contents of previous notices,

Covid 19 update 16 – Recreational Sailing in dinghies 11th June 2020

Covid 19 update 17 – Self managed Competitive sailing in Yachts and Dinghies 17th June 2020

Covid19 update 19 – Club House Reopening – 30th June 2020

Of particular note, the changing rooms and showers are out of commission until further notice and will be taped off, although the toilet provision is available only for single occupancy at one time. Consider arriving the ready to sail, if possible.

Start times for each class have been further separated to reduce grouping of dinghies on slipways and the beach and to comply with social distancing. Be prepared to move your dinghy into more space when rigging your dinghy in preparation to sail and subsequently stowing the boat after sailing.

More about our sponsors:

Dinghy Shack is a chandlery and boat marketplace based in the South West UK, established in 2018 to bring affordable, quality, race-winning gear and boats to dinghy and keelboat sailors across the UK. 

Dinghy Shack are an official UK reseller of Viadana blocks and deck gear and Kingfisher Ropes, specialising in dinghies and small keelboat systems. Dinghy Shack also have an extensive used boat marketplace, and offer free standard advertising on-site if you wish to sell your boat on the UK's newest boating marketplace.