Yacht Cruising

Welcome to the cruising section of the SSC.
Well, what are we about....?
Mostly like minded people, a mixed bunch, some of whom working, some are retried, some are ex racers who just like going with the wind and not against it where possible!! We have several new members and other members of the club who just want to cruise and go with people who like to venture places. Also some like to have the confidence of others being around whilst they visit places they haven’t been. A big bonus is some members with young children also join us which is lovely to see them starting early, sailing that is!
We also support some of the racers by getting to their destination before them (cruising there a couple of days before) and getting settled in and then enjoying their hospitality at the end of their race “as long as it’s free”. .

SSC Cruisers are all about trying to go to places in a group but without intruding on each other too much - unless asked, hic hic. It’s always great on arrival at a destination to get together, have a drink and a laugh or moan about the trip 😀.
We quite often go on a ‘booze cruise’ to France or should I say a cruise for some booze, but sometime it ends in a booze cruise .....but sensible, ish ! . Oh, but some just like to go to Lidl’s or Asda !

The Cruising Sec. tries to work out dates for the season to give all an idea of when and where we may go. These are obviously not compulsory! Many people do their own thing and sometimes people join them too.

As an idea of our cruises, last season we visited Guernsey, France, Isles of Scilly and our local ports ie, Falmouth, Fowey, Salcombe etc but to name a few.

The club welcomes you all big or small boats and look forward to meeting you soon.

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