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Steve Gerry


Steve started sailing aged 14 with the school’s sailing club.

After a long break he got back into sailing when he bought a Seal 22 with his wife.

In recent years he has got involved in dinghy racing with Laser 2, Fireball and Wayfarers.

Steve also set up the dinghy cruising section with Geoff Evans which meets on a Wednesday night. Steve and Caroline purchased Kabouter (Trapper 26) and then traded up to Lone Star (Beneteau First 325) which they race a cruiseMarried to Caroline with three children and four grandchildren.

Steve's eldest daughter Samantha is a cadet senior instructor.

Steve and Caroline are regular safety boat drivers on Tuesdays night dinghy racing.

Away from sailing his primary focus in the club is making sure the IT and all things complicated work.

He has lots of DIY pursuits including 3D printing, CNC, welding, and woodworking.

Chris Randall states Steve has a high ‘nerd score’ whatever that means!

Steve Gerry
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