Ladies Ashore

Ladies Ashore usually meet 12pm to 2pm on the first Friday of the month at the Sailing Club however, during Covid 19 some members kept in touch through a Virtual Lunch email every Friday at 12 pm when snippets of news and lockdown survival tips were passed from one to another along with plenty of humour to keep our spirits high.   
Happy to report that once Covid restrictions lifted members were able to convene meeting again in the club with Friday December 3rd seeing the last of our get togethers for 2021 when Members met up for a bring a plate Christmas Lunch.

Dates for 2022 are Friday -

7th January,  4th February,  4th March,  1st April,  6th May,  3rd June,  1st July,  5th August tbc,       2nd September, 7th October,  4th November and 2nd December.  

Please refresh yourself regularly of our current SSC Covid guidelines for the club and remember to sanitise and sign in by the door, and at busy times please consider wearing a mask when moving around the clubhouse.

Full details of the clubs Health and Safety measures during Covid 19 can be found in the latest Email update from Commodore Phil Warne.