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Frequently asked questions


I have recently acquired a mooring via the club is there anything that I need to be specifically aware of?

  • Mooring holders are responsible for the provision of their own strops. The club does not provide these and it is the responsibility of mooring holders to get these made-up to the appropriate length. It is recommended that you approach your mooring contractor are or make these up yourself.

  • The club does not provide any services for fitting of mooring strops, this is the mooring holders responsibility.

  • It is also the responsibility of the mooring holder to ensure that their existing moorings strop is fit for purpose.

  • The club does not provide any means of taxi service to and from your mooring. Mooring holders need to use their own tenders as a means of access.

  • Your yearly membership fee does not include the provision of a mooring. Members holding a mooring need to set up a direct debit for the monthly fee this is done via the club administrator.

  • Permanent Moorings are available to “Full” and “Full Plus “club members only.

  • Visitor moorings can be obtained on an ad hoc basis by contacting the mooring officer.

  • An application form for moorings is available from the club office.

  • Prices of moorings vary depending on the type and location.

  • The moorings officer needs to be contacted in the first instance for mooring enquiries.


Flares- does the club have any facilities to securely dispose of flares?

  • Unfortunately, the club does not provide any facilities for the safe disposal of flares. The club is aware that if you buy new flares from a Chandler some are offering an exchange service. It's also possible some marinas may offer a disposal service.


Membership cards- I have not received a membership card is this going to be sent to me?

  • The club no longer produces membership cards. Members can sign in via the website print their own off if they so desire. The membership card also includes a car parking pass.


I have not received a car parking sticker is this going to be sent to me?

  • Car park stickers for the current year are available via the administrator. Car parking at the club is available on a first come first serve basis and there is no guarantee of a space particularly at busy periods. Guests of members who arrive by car are encouraged to park outside of the car park as parking is reserved for members only.


Does the club provide showers and if so, what is the cost?

  • Showers- facilities at the club include the use of showers [at no charge]. Users of these facilities need to be either club members /visiting boats or involved in racing activities. It should be noted that the shower facilities can be very busy on Tuesday evenings following conclusion of dinghy racing.


I kept my boat at the club last year for summer storage can I have the same allocated space this year?

  • If you are interested in keeping your boat at the club during the summer, then you should apply via the website in the normal fashion at the beginning of the year. The club will send notifications out when they are accepting applications. Generally, the storage team will try and make as little changes as possible and it's quite likely you will find yourself in the same space as you were allocated last year. Allocation of space is not automatic if one fails to apply via the website then you will not be allocated space.


What are the Rules relating to the use of the pontoon?

  • Space on the pontoon is generally at a premium, and waiting times are set at a maximum of two hours. This applies to both larger vessels and tenders. The management team recognise there will be exceptions to the rule where boats need to come alongside for maintenance and for other purposes. In those circumstances a member of the management committee needs to be approached to obtain permission to stay longer than the two-hour limit.

  • There are periods when the pontoon is exceptionally busy these relate to race nights, regattas and prearranged visits by other clubs and associations. The club makes every effort to ensure that members are communicated with effectively when events are likely To result in restricted access.

There is a hose pipe ban can I still fill up my water tank on my boat?

  • Water is still available via the hose on the pontoon and is not currently subject to any restrictions. The filling up of water is provided for the benefit of members and visiting yachts persons. No charges are applied.

I have a holding tank do you have facilities too empty this tank?

  • The club do not provide any facilities for emptying holding tanks, and it is recommended individuals go to marinas who provide dedicated services to empty these tanks.


I need to charge my batteries up does the club provide electricity on the pontoon?

  • The club does not currently provide electricity on the pontoon.


How do I know what is going on from a week to week basis?

  • Normally you are automatically added to the general distribution list when you join the club. If you find that you are not receiving emails then please contact the administrator and they will ensure that you are added to The distribution list. Weekly emails are sent to club members indicating what is coming up weekly. In addition, racing and cruising have their own dedicated WhatsApp groups. Details of the groups are on the website.


Can I dispose rubbish from my boat at the club?

  • The club has rubbish bins in the car park for small items of boat waste there is no current recycling of cardboard and plastics please help environment by taking these items home. Glass is recycled in bin.


Are dogs allowed in the club?

  • Yes dogs are allowed on site and in the club but it is a club rule that they must be on a lead at all times


Is smoking allowed on site?

  • Yes you can smoke on site in the designated areas on the veranda and on the area of benches next to the sea wall. The club itself is a non smoking area


Is there facilities for disabled persons and access to the club?

  • Yes the club caters for all members of society, there is designated disabled parking near the access ramp to the club. We have fully accessible toilet and showering facilities


Can I bring family and friends into the club?

  • Yes all members of the club are permitted to have family and friends but they must be accompanied by the member at all times and be signed into the visitors book

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