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Membership Information

The membership types and fees are shown below. However, before joining on line we recommend you discuss what type of membership may be appropriate. This is particularly important if you want a mooring or plan to bring your dinghy or tender to the club. Our administrator can be contacted by phone (mornings only) Monday - Friday on 01752 845988.


  • Full – must be aged 18 or over  and has two votes at AGMs is £146* per year

  • Full Plus – includes spouse/partner of a full member is also a voting member is £220* per year

  • Associate – must be aged 18 or over and has one vote at AGMs is £73* per year

  • Associate Plus – includes spouse/partner of an associate member is also a voting member is £110* per year

  • Under 25 – must be aged 25 or younger and has one vote at AGMs (for those over 18) is £45* per year

  • Cadet – must be aged 11 to 18 and has no vote. This membership is organised/approved by the Cadet officers and is £62 per year

There is a £100 joining fee for those taking up moorings in their first year this applies to Full and Full Plus memberships

​Either Full or Full Plus membership is required if you intend to store a dinghy or yacht at the club

*Membership runs from 1st March  to the end of February each year.

If joining after the 1st September the fee is reduced to 50% of the annual fee.

Please note that Club Moorings are available only to Full and Full Plus Members.
You are advised to contact the moorings officer in advance of joining the club as the club may have limited availability.

The number of Club Moorings is limited, and there may be a waiting list. Restrictions apply to members who reside outside Devon and Cornwall.

Mooring Fees are paid monthly – the amount will depend on the location of individual moorings.

All Mooring Fees are collected by Direct Debit (set up by the Club administrator)

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